Town Hall Preservation Committee

INTENT: The Town of Hooksett owns the property at 16 Main Street and the building on it known as the Town Hall. There is no specific planned use and there is not a maintenance plan in place. It is the intent of the Town Council’s Town Hall Preservation Committee to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the specific needs of the Property at 16 Main Street and uses that would benefit the community and will make recommendations relating thereto. The process will be community based, consensus driven, and will rely upon the many skills and talents of our citizenry, taxpayers and professional staff.

CHARGE: The charge of the Town Hall Preservation Committee shall be as follows:

SCOPE: Town Hall and Property at 16 Main Street.

INVENTORY OF EXISTING CONDITIONS: Inventory all spaces and identify deficiencies.

PROJECT FUTURE UTILIZATION: Identify realistic options for maintaining the building to stabilize the structure and reserve its historic value while serving the Town’s needs. Develop and execute a plan that maximizes the best uses of the building for the short (next 5 years) and long term (next 20+ years). Recommendations should (1) be based on a complete analysis of available options and (2) demonstrate fiscal responsibility.


The primary objective of the Town Hall Preservation Committee shall be to pursue and engage in courses of action intended to stabilize, preserve and maintain the building historically known as the Hooksett Town Hall located at 16 Main Street. The Committee will engage the community and encourage funding through publicity donations, grants and various fund-raising activities, as allowed by the law and Town Council.

Administrative Code:

Section 4.16: Work toward the preservation of the old Town Hall (16 Main Street).