Sewer Commission

Composition: Three elected members.

Duties: Construct and maintain all main drains, common sewers, sewage and wastewater treatment works. Conduct detailed surveys, borings and any action for the implementation of an easement necessary for the wastewater treatment plant. Comply with all federal and state Division of Water Supply and Pollution Control and Department of Environmental Services laws. Enter into contracts to provide, sell or purchase sewage or waste treatment facilities to or from any other city, town, village, district or person. Adopt ordinances and bylaws relating to the system, pumping station, treatment plant or other appurtenant structure. Levy fees upon persons whose drains enter main drains, common sewers or treatment facilities or whose land receives special benefit. Establish sewer rents and install a collection/billing procedure. Combine bill assessment where necessary while keeping a separate and distinct fund. Install liens, assessment installments and collection procedures as necessary as well as issue abatements. Deal with citizen concerns and approve financial manifests.

Administrative Code:

Section 4.11: Make regulations and decisions as may be necessary for the proper functioning of the sewer systems and overall operation of the Sewer Department; levy special assessment upon land benefited by the sewer; establish sewer charge procedures for defraying the cost of plant and system operations; manage the maintenance and repair of sewer systems.

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Board Members

Name Title
Sidney Baines Member (06/2025)
Richard Bairam Member (06/30/2023)
Kenneth Conaty Superintendent
Robert Duhaime Member (06/2024)