Cemetery Commission

Composition: Three elected members.

Duties: Maintain a computer file of human bodies and cremations buried in the Town cemeteries to include: name, date of death, date of burial, location of burial, cemetery, lot number, funeral director, etc.. A copy of Grave Opening Requests is to be in the possession of the Cemetery Commission and the Public Works office (Public Works administrative assistant receives requests and coordinates burials); Maintain a file of all burial permits and cremation certificates; Maintain a file of all cemetery deeds, Rights of Interment, and correspondence pertaining to the purchase or transfer of all cemetery lots; Make periodic inspections of the Town Cemeteries to verify condition of grounds and monuments; Receive and answer all calls pertaining to Town cemeteries; Show lots available to prospective customers and review procedure for purchasing lots (Rights to Inter); Provides lot sale information to the Community Development Administrative Assistant who prepare the deed (Right to Inter) document, receive checks made payable to the appropriate cemetery trust fund, and copies to each Trustee. Maintain a map of each Town cemetery showing the layout of lots numbered or designated such that the computer file and maps are compatible. Any name and lot on the computer printout may be readily located on the cemetery map; Prepare a budget each fiscal year for the Town Council; Prepare an annual report of the Commission’s activities for printing in the Town Report; Stake out locations for head stones and monuments. The Community Development Office provides administrative support (processing sales, posting meetings, website updates, filing documents, etc.) for the Cemetery Commission.

Administrative Code:Section 4.2: Arrange for cemetery lot visits and sales; maintain vital records relative to burials; manage day-to-day care of cemeteries; and, manage expenditure of allocated funds.

Staff ContactsBoard Members

Name Title
Mike Horne Chair (6/30/2027)
Kristen Kotrlik Commissioner (6/30/2026)
James Morin Commissioner (06/30/2025)

Contact InfoPhone:
(603) 540-9608
Meetings - When: On an as needed basis. All meetings are open to the public and everyone is invited to attend.
Meetings - Where: Hooksett Town Hall