Route 3A Intersections Project

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Project #43851 - Route 3A/Hackett Hill Road and Main Street Intersections
Project Overview – November, 2023

The objective of the NH Route 3A (NH 3A)/Hackett Hill Road and NH 3A/Main Street Intersections Project is to improve safety and capacity for all users at these important intersections. The project includes the design and construction of improvements that will make the intersections more efficient.  It will also include replacement of the existing culvert that carries NH 3A over Brickyard Brook near the Hackett Hill intersection that has experienced some deterioration.

This is a “Municipally Managed” project.  The Town will administer the project and the design and construction work will be partially reimbursed by the State and Federal Government.  The State project number is #43851.  The Town’s share of the design is 33.3%.  The State’s share of the design is 66.7%. The Town’s share of the construction costs is 10%.  The State's share of the construction costs is 10%.  The Federal share of the construction costs is 80%. A link to this agreement is shown below. In order to receive the State and Federal funding, the Town has agreed to comply with strict rules and regulations to conduct the project.  The complete rules are found in the State’s Local Public Agency Manual (LPA) found at:

The Design will include an Engineering Study, Preliminary Design and Final Design.  We are currently in the Engineering Study Phase.  A full description of the Design Process is available on the project website.  Based on the results of the Engineering Study, decisions will be made regarding the design for the two intersections.  For example, it could be decided to build two roundabouts, or it could be decided to install signals at one or both intersections.  Any decisions will be made after a complete analysis of the area and after significant public input. 

After a rigorous procurement process, the Town hired the McFarland Johnson Engineering Firm to conduct the Engineering Study.  The Study will begin with a Local Concerns Meeting.  This meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, 2023 in the Cawley Middle School Cafeteria at 89 Whitehall Rd, Hooksett, NH.  The meeting will be advertised in the Union Leader. In addition, invitations will be mailed to several of the Town Committees, abutters, local utilities, transportation companies and other interested parties.Several other meetings will be held during the course of the project.  The project website will be set up to allow anyone interested to be automatically notified of public meetings or other significant project milestones.  The Engineering Study will take approximately six months to complete and will cost $379,617.50.

At this time, construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2026.  

For additional information, contact Bruce A. Thomas, P.E., Town Engineer at (603) 264-8508 or

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