Hooskett Shuttle Program

About this service: The Hooksett shuttle Program is provided through a grant partnership with the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission, the Manchester Transit Authority, and the Town of Hooksett. It provides free curb-to-curb trips anywhere in Hooskett from 9AM to 2PM Monday through each week. Priority is given to medical appointments, but virtually any other sort of trip in the Hooksett-Manchester area is fully allowed as long as it's scheduled ahead of time!
Schedule: *NEW* Anytime betwen 9:00AM and 2PM MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY! *NEW*
Ridership Criteria: Be a resident of Hooskett ; get a free ride! Priority bookings go to medical appointments, but there are few other limitations!

Where does it go?  Anywhere in Hooksett, and to other areas nearby on the following days: Rides to Concord are limited to Tuesday’s, Rides to Manchester or Bedford are limited to Thursday’s.

How do I get aboard? Call the MTA's dispatcher at 603.623.8801 Ext. 1 and say you'd like to book a trip on the Hooksett Shuttle. Provide the required information and be able to get to the curb of your designated pick-up location.

Service Highlights: Easy, flexible, convenient, and completely handicap accessible to most mobility assistance devices!

Click here for the official flyer!

Click here for a link to the official web page!

ProTip: Schedule a trip from your residence to the MTA's Route 11 bus line at the Hooksett Walmart to access all of Manchester, parts of Concord, and Nashua at your leisure. There's also plenty of room, so bring friends and make a day out it!